Arsames is a Persian death metal band from Mashhad, Iran. It was originally formed in 2002 by Ali Madarshahi. Arsames has had many line-up changes; vocalist and first drummer Ali Madarshahi is the only original member remaining. The origin name of the band, Arsames, derives from the name of one of the kings of Persian empire during the Achaemenid dynasty.

Arsames originally formed in winter of 2002. They recorded their debut single "Adiposere" in 2005 in their home studio which was in the style of 6&8 death metal. In 2006 they released an unsigned studio album (Cyclopia) digitally.

In 2007, Malaysian documentary-maker Zan Azlee interviewed the band as part of I'm Muslim Too!, a documentary on youth in the Middle East.

In April 2010 they played at Metal Asylum in Dubai. Arsames released their first album, Immortal Identity, containing eight tracks. In November, Arsames played in a metal festival named 'Sikkim Fest' in India.

In July 2011, Arsames announced that they will release a cover EP, entitled Persian Death Metal Tribute to Warriors Of Metal through the summer of 2011. ARSAMES has released a new video for “Immortal Identity” song on 2 September. The video was directed by Sorena Afkham o Shoara, and was produced by Ali Madarshahi.